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The Latest from Florida

Following the decision by Virgin Atlantic to delay the restart of its Orlando flights from July 20th to a provisional date of August 24th, and TUI’s cancellation of all Florida holidays until November 30th, we thought it a good time to give you a quick update on the latest from The Sunshine State.

Florida has seen a surge in coronavirus cases recently; more than 4,000 Saturday June 20th – its highest total of the pandemic so far. Case numbers now exceed 100,000 with, tragically, more than 3,100 deaths. Governor DeSantis, similar to President Trump, has linked increased testing to explain the numbers. Many of those tested show no symptoms and are increasingly young: the median age of those testing positive has decreased from 65 in April to under 30 in some counties!

Here at White Rose Villas we’ve experienced an increase in domestic bookings, but are still aware of the uncertainty which may cause bookings to slow due to the spike. Florida is seeing high cancellation rates from international travellers for July and August, due to the ongoing travel ban and general concern, as case numbers rise.

Disney’s complex new booking system is also causing large numbers to re-evaluate their plans, with many international travellers choosing to delay reservations from 2021 to 2022. The new systems in place are leading people to believe that the Disney magic just won’t be there, and, in particular, first timers are increasingly erring on the side of caution and delaying their trips.

White Rose Villas will continue to provide you with updates on the latest news and travel trends, as we look hopefully to a brighter future for our owners and their guests. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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