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A visit to Lakeridge Winery by Ruth Moriarty

We’re delighted to bring you another post by our homeowner, Ruth Moriarty.

Ruth loves sharing her insider tips for places to visit in Central Florida beyond the theme parks. In this post, she shares her passion for local vineyard, Lakeridge Winery.

Lakeridge Winery, Florida

Lakeridge Winery and Vineyard is on Highway 27, just north of Clermont.

It is a wonderful place to visit for many reasons.  Yes, wine and wine tasting are definitely up there but it is such a peaceful spot. 

Located on a 127-acre estate in gently rolling countryside some 25 miles west of downtown Orlando, it’s lovely to just go and sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. The winery opened in 1989 and has gracefully developed over the 20 years I have been visiting.  They now produce over 1 million bottles a year and win lots of awards.

Initially, I had no idea that Florida produced wines and so it was a very pleasant surprise to find this not far from my home.

Touring the winery and finding out how they make their wine is really interesting and then, especially on a hot day, it’s lovely to enter the cool, dark tasting room and the good sized gift shop, which features all the Lakeridge Wines, gourmet foods and many other gift items and wine accessories.

You can update your cork screw, bottle cooler, wine glasses but also laugh at the customized, fun T-shirts (I now have two!) and hats/caps, as well looking through a variety of cookery books and wine reference guides.

This is one of my Tees – it always brings a smile when I wear it!

Complimentary Winery tours and wine tasting are offered 7 days a week; Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Please note, there are some ID Requirements for Tastings: US citizens: will need to bring with them their state-issued driver’s licence, military ID, or state ID card. International guests will need to bring their original passport (this is preferred) or valid government-issued photo ID which includes your date of birth.

Lakeridge Winery is also famous for its food and music events. Throughout the year there are regular events, usually at weekends, often for free or for a very modest entrance fee.

Every Saturday afternoon in January, they hold a Music Series, with live music on the outdoor stage and inside at the Wine & Cheese Bar upstairs. The musicians selected are all fantastic local performers. February sees the return of the Winefest, an opportunity to enjoy a range of the wines they produce. March is the annual Wine and Seafood festival – great food and music and…OK… some wine too.

In February 2020 I went to a Blues gig at the Winefest, out in the open, with the incredible backdrop of the vines and the beautiful building, people singing and dancing to a top musician who once played with BB King.

People had taken their own chairs and some had small picnics, though there were plenty of food stalls and bars. There was also a local arts and craft fair to wander around if you needed to stretch your legs and spend a little money on some very interesting and beautiful items – definitely not your everyday purchases or souvenirs.  It was also good to be contributing to the local economy.

Sadly some of their Festivals and events for 2020 had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 restrictions implemented by the State of Florida but I am sure they will be reinstated as soon as it is allowed and people can attend safely. The winery has a projected programme available, with artists and prices to be decided.

It’s a great day out, especially if there is an event going on.  Parking is free and there are free shuttle carts to get you from your car to the main building when events are on. I’ve been there when it’s very quiet as well as when there are crowds who’ve come to enjoy the music. I’ve always enjoyed it and am hoping I will be back there in 2021.

For more information, visit the Lakeridge Winery website.

Cheers and Good Health!

About Ruth’s home

If you’d like to book your stay in Florida to enjoy a visit to Lakeridge Winery or any of central Florida’s other wonderful attractions, please check out our homes here.

Ruth’s home is the very wonderful Sapphire Sky Villa at Orange Tree.  See more – and book – here.

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