Covid-19 Property management in Orlando

How to Maximise Occupancy this Fall Season

September is always a quiet month in Orlando, but this year has been quieter than most.  However, the parks are doing everything they can to tempt guests back whilst ensuring the safety of staff and guests.

There is plenty of Halloween fun to be enjoyed in Orlando’s theme parks this year, so what can you do to tempt guests back and maximise your vacation home’s autumn revenues?

1// Remove risk

Uncertainty prevails right now. Remove the risk for potential guests by offering flexible cancellation terms.

If you can, funnel your bookings through our booking agent partner, Ellis Exclusive Villas. This way they benefit from the Master Cancel guarantee. They can cancel anytime between 60 and 2 days before departure and receive a full refund. The owner still receives payment for the rental.

This gives people confidence to book in these uncertain times. Read more about the scheme here.

Share details of the scheme with your guests using this link:

2// Be flexible on budget

It might sound too simplistic, but often the neatest solutions are the most simple.

If your home isn’t booking out, but you know others nearby are, check the rates.  If your neighbour has slashed their prices for fall, then you’re going to struggle to book at full price – no matter how nice your home is.

Be prepared to be flexible on price. If a guest enquires about a discount, remember you can always counter offer.  And make any deal time-limited to encourage your guest to book with you quickly so you can secure their booking before they start widening their search.

3// Remind people what they’re missing

The parks are open.

And who doesn’t feel like they need a holiday right now? 

The stress of the pandemic and the lockdowns have been tough on everyone. Staying in a vacation home – especially those implementing enhanced cleaning regimes and time breaks between bookings – is a really safe way to get away from it all.

Whether your guests simply want to laze by the pool, explore the theme parks, or simply need a change of scenery, use your marketing efforts to show them all the fun they could be having.

4// Target the local market

Air passenger traffic remains a long way short of normal. Consumer confidence remains low for flying and changing travel bans are further damaging the international travel market.

By focusing on in-State travellers and other vacationers from the USA, you will be speaking to a much more receptive market.

Local travel comes with much less risk since the likelihood of facing quarantine measures is very low, but guests continue to value an opportunity to get away from it all. By focusing your marketing efforts on the local market, you can help to boost conversion rates.

5// Use social media

Social media requires little investment, but quite some commitment.

Making time to post regularly and keep your mailing list updated will pay dividends.

It may seem like an extra unnecessary effort when the likelihood of booking is small, but this is exactly the time to ramp up your efforts.

Be positive, post plenty of enticing photography, and focus on the local market.

We’ll be adopting all these techniques and more on your behalf through the fall season.  If you have any questions about marketing or occupancy rates, please reach out to our team.

Similarly, if you’d like to talk to us about optimising rates to maximise bookings, our team can assist – just give us a call.

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