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A day out in Cassadaga by Sue Mooney

We’re delighted to bring you a new post from our very own Sue Mooney.

Cassadaga is well known here in Florida as “the Psychic capital of the world”. In fact, there are  more than 100 mediums, psychics, and healers in Cassadaga.

The sleepy little town is home to the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, the oldest active religious community in the southeastern United States. It celebrated its 200th anniversary last year, in 2019.

A day out in Cassadaga by Sue Mooney

Cassadaga was founded in 1894 by the spiritualist George P. Colby, a native New Yorker who travelled the country delivering readings and hosting seances. 

It’s about half an hour’s drive from the Kissimmee area and Orlando’s theme parks in Volusia county. As you drive east on the I4 towards the Atlantic coast, you’ll pass an unassuming blink-and-you’ll-miss-it turnoff to this magical little town.

The name of the town comes from a Seneca Indian word meaning “water beneath the rocks”. The story is that Colby was guided to this site by a native American guide.

For a complete break from the frantic rides of Florida’s theme parks, I recommend you go and visit this gem of a small town. As soon as you arrive, you are transported to a much older version of the State than you will find elsewhere.

Peace really does wrap around you as soon as you step out of your car. You can explore the small roads, admire the old-fashioned but pretty little wooden houses, sit in the meditation gardens and absorb the stillness.

The Psychic capital of the world

Cassadaga is renowned for its spirituality and there are many healers and psychics here, all of whom have gone through a four year certification process. If this is something you wish to explore further you can book in advance or choose a walk-in on the day you go.

The readings we received were accurate and moving.

There’s a well stocked welcome centre, with a huge variety of books, cards, crystals, jewellery, etc. Everyone is helpful and welcoming. Finding the crystals we were looking for was a joy and prices are very reasonable.

Lunch at the Cassadaga Hotel

For lunch we ate in the Cassadaga Hotel. Lovely, fresh food, prepared while you wait. Our burgers and fries were delicious. Cooked just as we asked them and reasonably priced.

There’s quite an extensive menu, though we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to try Arthur’s Burger (see the menu for details!)

We came away from our trip to Cassadaga feeling peaceful and re-energised and would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone looking for a different side to Florida.

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If you’d like to book your stay in Florida to enjoy a visit to Cassadaga and its spiritualist camp or any of central Florida’s other wonderful attractions, please check out our homes here.

Sue’s home is the very wonderful Sapphire Sky Villa at Orange Tree.  See more – and book – here.

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