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Get Involved: 3rd February is 4th Annual #BookDirect Guest Eduation Day

Yes, it’s here again: recurring on the first Wednesday in February, it’s time to get this very important message across to your guests. Tell them of the many advantages to be gained by booking direct and abandoning third-party channels e.g. Airbnb, VRBO,, TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Many guests (and owners) are rightly dismayed at the ever-increasing (often hidden) guest/traveller fees piled on by these platforms; how can they be justified when owners and managers are offering exactly the same properties at much more competitive rates, with a highly safe and personalised service?

What if hundreds of vacation rental providers sent out the same message on the same day explaining the benefits of booking direct? Hence, four years ago, #BookDirect Guest Education day was born. The campaign is intended to post multiple messages across social and email channels, to potential guests, promoting the many reasons to book their vacation rental direct with owners or managers. It only takes a few thousand mentions on these social channels in one day to create a ‘trend.’ Many frequent travellers will probably receive multiple similar messages from owners and managers they’ve booked with previously.

We at White Rose Villas are working with our direct partners to offer great discounted rates across our wonderful property portfolio; we’re certainly doing our best to maximise your booking opportunities!

However, it will only work if we all, owners and managers alike, post on 3rd February using the hashtag #BookDirect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So, it’s up to you; get posting/emailing and join us to participate in a tremendously beneficial campaign to fill your homes and help make 2021 a much more successful year for us all!


  1. Do you ever follow up on the guests email addresses that they leave and send them these? Have we checked the guests comments in my guest book?

    Bruised 🚫 broken



    1. We certainly do. White Rose blog is mainly for home owners. Our sister company “Ellis Exclusive Villas” focus on guest marketing and has a huge mailing list of guests. All our guests will be receiving a mailshot today about #BookDirect and the benefits.


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