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About Our New Linens Service

Our New Linens Service from Standard Textile in Conjunction with Marriott.

It’s great to be able to share some exciting news with homeowners this month. We’ve joined a new programme on preferential terms which enables us to source hotel-quality linens quickly and competitively. We’re eligible for the special terms thanks to our partnership with Marriott.

Standard Textile has been supplying Marriott hotels with high quality bed and bath linens for many years. The long-standing relationship is based on Standard Textile’s commitment to the quality of its products and delivery of service. The textile company now supplies 30 of Marriott’s hotel brands with bedding and bath products and is a preferred partner of merit.

About Standard Textile

Standard Textile estimates that more than 100 million people sleep on its sheets each year – many as a result of the company’s partnership with Marriott. In fact, it receives many enquiries every year from people who have enjoyed sleeping on Marriott linens so much, they want to recreate that hotel quality in their own home.

What’s so exciting with this programme is that you can now offer all your guests that same hotel-style sleep experience!

Standard Textile ranges include bath and bedding products and they already qualify for best volume pricing – no matter how many or how few you order – under the Marriott scheme. Given the prestige of the brand, it’s really exciting to be able to offer you their high-quality products at these preferential rates through our partnership with Marriott.

What bath and bedding products are available?

This week I was treated to a whistle-stop tour of some of Standard Textile’s most popular products for the hospitality sector – ranging from best premium quality through mid-range and performance products to affordable options at an entry price point.

The range includes:

  • 100% cotton bed sheets and pillowcases
  • 100% cotton duvet covers in a range of block colours
  • Blended bedding options for excellent washing performance
  • Incredibly soft, shrink-resistant towels
  • Specialist makeup towels to minimise the problem of stains
  • Larger pool and spa towels
  • Bathmats that stay in place without the need for rubber backing
  • Beautiful cotton bed covers with textured surfaces that eliminate the need for ironing
  • Eco-friendly duvet inserts with filling made from recycled plastic bottles
  • A huge range of pillows
  • Pillow pads and protectors
  • Super-soft cashmere throws
  • Soft, all-season and washable blankets in a range of colours

I’m especially excited by the washable duvet inserts made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s great to see a company doing what it can to close the loop on this problematic product supply chain.

What to do next

If you’d like to know more about any of the options above, please get in touch. I’m really happy to share more information about the products and/ or the ordering process.

You can also see the full range of bath and bedding products on the Standard Textile website, under the hospitality menu item.

We need your help!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Standard Textile ranges and which you’d like to see in your home.

Please browse the website and let me know which products you like or are interested in for your own property.

Thank you for your feedback. It’s always appreciated and helps us serve you better.


    1. Hi Pauline, yes certainly we will send you further information on costs. If you click the links you will see all the products. We are asking our owners what products they think would be suitable. Too many to choose from : )


  1. Hi Lisa

    This looks very interesting. Would you be able to let me know how you would see this happening in practice (how often would linens be exchanged? Would it be a centralised thing or each villa having its own collection? I think we’d be talking bed linens/towels/bath mats, unless you think anything else would be useful…robes maybe??… and do you have a rough idea of costs?). I wouldn’t need the service for when we come over…. OH SOOOOOON PLEASE!!!!… as we have our own sheets and towels but it sounds a very good idea, both practically and marketing-wise.

    Many thanks


    From: White Rose Villas Reply to: White Rose Villas Date: Tuesday, 20 July 2021 at 21:19 To: Subject: [New post] About Our New Linens Service

    White Rose Villas posted: ” Our New Linens Service from Standard Textile in Conjunction with Marriott. It’s great to be able to share some exciting news with homeowners this month. We’ve joined a new programme on preferential terms which enables us to source hotel-quality linens”


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